Conservationists Ltd

YEC Ltd. was founded in June 2013 by Messrs. Llewelyn Meggs and Jaedon Lawe, Marine Biologists that have devoted their lives to marine conservation, fisheries management and environmental education. We offer conservation tours, environmental education and environmental consultancy services, all aimed at increasing knowledge about the environment, promoting sustainable use of Earth’s resources and increasing environmental stewardship in all, especially children. What we offer is of particular importance as with ever increasing demands on Mother Nature from an ever growing population, conservation and sustainable use of resources are becoming more and more relevant if not critical. We see education and awareness as key, not just by talking, but by getting people to see nature firsthand. Our main programmes are as follows:

  • Discover Pedro Conservation Tour

  • Schools Environmental Education (SEE) Programme

  • Environmental Consultancy Programme

  • SCUBA Diving